“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.”

Louis Armstrong

Jazz lates is a series of live jazz events that take place during dinner on Saturdays at Ninety One Living Room, showcasing the most outstanding current artists from the London jazz scene with an impeccably stellar lineup.

Rachel Cohen, Quentin Collins, Mark Kavuma, Jay Phelps, Camilla George and the Tomorrow’s Warriors collective have all graced the Living Room stage at Jazz Lates. The live acts are accompanied by leading jazz-fusion DJs each week, including Jake Zaitz, Sunlight Square, Ed Stephen and GW Jazz FM’s Gordon Wedderburn.

For the ultimate Jazz Lates experience come early, book your table for dinner, and watch the night unfold at our independent East London jazz night. Great value organic and natural wines complement small plates of food for sharing, either at the bar or in the more intimate dining space, where you can enjoy the speakeasy ambience of Ninety One the most.

Free entry on select Saturdays